Easily Turn Free Flash Games
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Apps Without Any
No Experience Necessary
Easy to Use Software Does All the Work.

Includes Tutorial Video.

Read On and See How YOU Will Get Paid for Throwing Together These Push-Button Simple Facebook Games. This New Software Does ALL The Work and Pops out ready to use Games in LESS THAN 5 minutes!

Dear Internet Friend,

Playing Games on Facebook are big business. Often the competitive nature of players draws them in as they try to beat their friend’s scores. Games are naturally viral by nature

Make Money

The big players know how lucrative Flash Games can be on Facebook. Placing ad on your games will bring a stream of income.

It alright for the big player they have to cash to build the games apps. But what about you and I. Can we grab a slice of the action?


Did you know that Facebook has a staggering number members It was reported in February 2012 that the number of active users was almost 850 million.

More numbers for you:

The apps (applications) data base is around 600,000. A large number of these apps are flash games. The problem is that it took a team of skilled programmers and a designer. Making well out of our reach

But now there's a push button tool that instantly creates monetized Flash games for Facebook in less than five minutes

Social Games Creator Box

Will it work for me?

Introducing The Smart FB Social Games Creator

Smart FB Social Games Creator. Builds the app. But how do you come up with ideas for the games. Then you need to program the games. As I said, this is going to take hours/weeks/months and a stack of cash. I said that you can build these apps in around five minutes, right!

The Solution...

There is an excellent site called Mochi Games which is run by Mochi Media. They have this amazing system where they put Ads into Games and then give a cut of the revenue from those ads to the games programmers and the publisher of the game (the web master who puts it on his/her site).

Ok how simple is it?

The Smart FB Social Games Creator

By simply selecting a file you downloaded from the Mochi Games site and answering a few questions (no coding or programming involved), at the click of a button you have an instant facebook game.

Here’s the best part. Even more of the work is done for you:

·         Have their own leaderboard to promote competition among users.

·         Enable users to post their scores to their Facebook Wall bringing a viral angle to the game.

·         Are automatically monetized with Mochi Medias built in ad serving.

·         Can be further monetized with totally configurable top and bottom banners

·         Have the usual viral features you need in a Facebook Game like Wall Posts and Invite System.

Now Be Amazed

Here are two games built in under five minutes using the software:



That's TWO Games up and running in under 10 minutes!

No Programming? REALLY?

Yes - really.

You don't have to be a programmer or have any scripting knowlege to use this amazing 'Wizard style' creation tool. Just answer a few questions, fill in some blanks, stick in your ad code (optional) and hit a button.

Your app will be created in a folder of your choice ready to be installed on Facebook.

More than enough games to choose from!

There are currently over 32,000 games available through Mochi Games, and this number increases week by week thanks to the incentives they offer Flash game makers to create these games. They are able to offer them these incentives because these games are popular and they do make ad revenue.

How You Can Make Money Using
Smart FB Social Games Creator .

1) Create apps for yourself, monetize them further with ad banners. As well as the revenue that Mochi Media will pay you, you also have full control over top and bottom banner ads. Even if you only managed to pull a few dollars per app, per month, you can create, build and install and unlimited number of apps using this software. And if you make an app that takes off virally you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

2) Sell pre-built apps to other marketers. There are loads of people out there who would love their own Facebook game and who don't know about this software. Why not build games, host them on some resellable web space, get some initial traffic to them and then sell them as off the shelf packages? You can sell these on "flipping websites", eBay, Forums, etc.

3) Build Games to Order for other people. You can easily build games with someone elses ad code, etc put in for them, and for a few minutes work and the push of a button you can deliver the ready to upload code in a matter of minutes.

5) Create your app and sell resell rights to it. The apps you make are yours and as such you can even sell resell rights to others. This option will need a little scripting know-how as you will have to show them how to replace your mochi id with theirs (hint: search and replace) and tweak a few settings in one file.

6) Build a successful game and sell advertising on it. Why limit yourself to the revenues offered by social advertising companies? Build something successful and sell banner impressions.

All this is included


·         The Smart FB Social Games Creator Software Licensed for One Computer (Requires Windows XP or better).

·         Video Tutorial that Shows you How to use the Games Maker Software and install the apps.

·         The rights to sell the Apps you create with this software as your own. The only request we make is that you do not give them away for free (you may use them as bonuses for paid products) and you don't sell them for less than $27 with personal rights and $47 with resell rights.

·         30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If this software isn't every bit as good as I've told you it is just drop me an email and I'll give you your money back - plain and simple, no fuss.


   Easily Turn Free Flash Games  Into Hot Facebook Game Apps Without Any Programming!